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We have developed dedicated competencies as for working out digital branding for medical professionals, hospitals and clinics. Having gained robust expertise in diverse medical web design and web marketing tasks, we have emerged as a frontline digital branding agency among the competitors array. Our experience of web design and marketing for the medical sector has helped us develop holistic skills that fuel further our branding aptitudes.

Digital branding is an all encompassing concept that leverages the novel and emergent net orientations to deliver potencies to any brand! Branding at the web has been viewed as much more potent and target specific thus prompting more number of businesses and service providers to gain mileage from the strong web/social web currents. Digital branding for doctors and hospitals have been found to be highly effective in that it helps create robust social web identities which leads to more resonant branding.

What we deliver in our digital branding tasks

Ensuring visibilities

Riding on the digital waves requires certain prerequisites and visibility is one among them. We ensure super visibilities of your medical brand and name on the web so that lead search engines of age like Chrome, Bing and others does not miss your entry on their SERP – Search Engine Results Page. We carry out objective maneuvers directed towards:

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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the lead tasking to ensure accurate resonance of your med web content with the search engine’s operational dynamics. We make use of frontline applications and suites like Google Analytics to determine the keywords enrichment value in your content. We then work out recommended substitutions to make your site SEO compliant.


SEM or Search Engine Marketing is a SEO/ Keywords oriented web innovation that utilizes advertisement models like PPC (Pay Per Click). The search engine while recognizing the search queries typed on it, serves resonant ads along side. This helps bring in the sought after choices as ads! While working out intensively on the keywords substitution in your content we ensure that your PPC ad never misses out from appearing before the right users.

Placing you in digital social matrix

After generating technical visibilities, we turn to the dedicated social networking that has emerged as robust branding platform. We are adept in recognizing the correct social circles and channels to establish you as a lively phenomenon through vibrant social profile creation and setting apace ‘community building’ for you. We manage for you diverse social media parameters like:

  • customized social profiling and page creation
  • fan pages
  • status updates
  • comments and feedbacks
  • monitoring and tracking of emergent statistics and leads there from
  • auto e mails generation for the subscribed visitors at your social pages

After carefully monitoring the social networking trends that your med brand picks up, we work out correctives and boosters so as to enhance social inclusion of your medical profession, especially in the region of your practice. Email marketing is also thoroughly worked to boost your presence and outreach.

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