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We have been enriching healthcare websites of hospitals and clinics through innovative substitutions like that of video clips and graphical clips! We have identified videos as the frontline tools that have the power to stimulate the visitors at your site prompting them to develop a positive outlook and feel towards your hospital or clinic. We have quality contacts as for provisioning of professional videographers who have acquired specializations in the field of medical video shoots of hospitals/clinics and med institutions!

The web aesthetics of the current age have undergone significant and iconic facelifts through the use of frontline technologies which makes possible the incorporation of videos onto the web pages of relevance. We have gathered the requisite expertise to do so for you in a reliable, qualitysome and cost effective manner!

Why integrate videos in your hospital website?

Videos have emerged as the latest innovation at the websites and are serving well to communicate the service provider’s message to the visitor in a robust manner. The visitor feels stimulated to watch the video to get a complete view of the services. The med aid seekers and the people in general are more attracted towards the videos so as to judge correctly the med calibers of the hospital. It is human intrinsics and the video have surely taken over images and text!

We have developed requisite expertise to identify the correct video clips to be engrafted on to your hospital/clinic website so that the correct message is spelt out to the people on the web.

Our hospital and clinic videography is delivered with following specializations

High professionalism

only well trained and experienced videographers are engaged by our firm to carry on video shoots for the purpose of your hospital and clinic website. They are capable of identifying the correct places to be showcased on the reel.

Virtual tour experience

today the medical assistance seekers try to look out for the best care facilities and thus they often visit the web at the first instance for identifying the hospitals of their satisfaction. Our video shoot experts do the fine job of presenting the overall ambience and finesse characteristics of your hospital/clinic and help generate a sound image of your brand in the mind of the visitor.

hospital and clinic virtual tour

Special emphasis is given on capturing the places of resonance like the:

  • ICU/Trauma Center
  • NICU
  • PICU
  • OT/Minor OT
  • Pathology labs and its working
  • Labor Room
  • special and super specialty wards
  • In House 24 Hour Drug Store

We also incorporate any customized feature that is requested by the hospital/clinic. We are customization experts!

Allied facilities of the hospital like rest/waiting places, reception counters, food/beverages store and satellite entertainment is also captured appropriately to showcase the overall ambience!

Medical websites of hospitals and clinics

Frontline tech quotients

special sections in the video are diverted to showcasing the tech abilities of the hospital, especially the high tech equipments boasted of automation and precision! It potently determines the current med caliber of your hospital!

Messages and feedbacks

Besides, we also specialize in engrafting video clips delivering Chairman’s message to the general people which serves as the direct tool to communicate with the visitors! Feedback messages are also appropriately fitted on to the web page aesthetics.

We have been delivering perfection to medical websites through quality virtual tour integration that are customized enough to generate iconic identities for your med brand!

Get the virtual tour makeup with our professional experts; you can definitely flaunt your clinic in the most effective presentation!