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Digital Marketing Strategy

Increase more patient attraction with our Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy

Conventional marketing strategies have given way to new strategies in tune with progresses made in disruptive technologies especially in the field of communications. How we communicate today is different from how we communicated in the past. We are not saying that past communication strategies have lost relevance. We are saying that strategies should consider the new ways in which the viewer or reader or listener is meeting his or her information needs.

Since the world has gone digital and paperless the contours of marketing strategy have also changed. Today, marketing strategy depends on the new avenues of marketing communication channels.

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Why Digital Marketing Strategy

The digital medium is suited to market products and services in the healthcare and medical industry especially small clinics in local neighborhoods. Digital marketing with its multifarious attributes syncs well with the requirements of the people who need health care and people who provide healthcare.

The new digital medium can become a vehicle for mass dissemination through audio, video and print formats. This medium can also become an avenue to deliver personalized messages to targeted individual consumers.

What is Digital Marketing Strategy

Since the medium is available it does not mean that you can use it as and when you like. You need a goal, plan, strategy, tactics, resources and execution to achieve the goals set. These constitute the elements of a digital marketing strategy.

Digital marketing strategy comprises a process that starts with prospecting for a client using the virtual space and converting the prospect into a paying customer. It further looks into processes that retains the customer and makes the customer a role model for other customers to emulate.


You create awareness amongst your target consumers. From those aware you create interest in your products and services. From those who get interested you convert their interest into desire. From the ones who have desired you get them to use your services. From those who have used your services you retain them so that they give you repeat business as well as become your brand ambassadors for your services. You repeat this process many times to build a huge body of customers.

Set Goals

One of the prime tasks of a digital marketing strategy is to set goals. You could be setting a goal of prospecting new customers. You could be trying to attract customers from a competitor. You could be introducing a new service to existing customers. Thus, goal setting is paramount to success. If you don’t set goals then you would be frittering away your resources.

Depending upon the goal or objective you can plan activities that help to achieve the goal.

In most cases the major goal is to bring customers to your clinic to use your services and pay for them.

Build Awareness

Awareness building is an important first step in achieving your goals. We know there are customers who require your services but they may not be aware of your services. We tap them through your website. First, we create a website and then promote it using a variety of tools to ensure prospects visit your website. We use many tactics here such as email marketing, content marketing, social media and search engine optimization (SEO) to provide an opportunity to the prospect to visit your website. Further, we entice the prospect to provide you information by means of cues whereby you can learn something about the prospect including contact details and demographics. At this stage, maximizing visits to your website is the sub-goal.

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Create Interest

The next step is to provide information that is relevant to the visitor based on the initial information furnished to you at the awareness stage. This is where we create interest on your products and services for the prospect. Here, we guide the prospect to the information sought and we ensure the prospect assimilates information. We may use tactics here such as blogs, content management, video presentations and statistics to create interest for the prospect to take the next step.

Create Desire

We then take the prospect towards desiring the service they need from you. The tactics we use here would include benefits of using your service, how you compare with other service providers, how competent your professional staff is and the proximity of the clinic to your prospect’s home. In this stage we build a positive association with your brand by extolling the virtues of your brand and how it can help the prospect.

Call for Action

The next step is the crucial step where you call the prospect to take action to visit your clinic for a consultation. In this stage the actual act of converting the bright prospect to a confirmed paying customer takes place. You can feed the prospect with action points that would motivate the person to buy your service. This would include pricing, fixing an appointment, giving directions to the clinic, seeking medical reports and instructions on what to do before coming to the clinic.

Retain the Customer

Our digital marketing strategy incorporates tactics to retain the customer. Our strategy comprises tactics that ensures the customer stays with you and what is more becomes a brand ambassador for you. We use blogs to educate customers. We use emails, SMS and telephone to obtain feedback from them. We offer loyalty programs. We use social media to create an interested group. We engage with them at many levels.

Why Us

We will give you a strategy tailor made for the goals set for your organization. Your clinic may need new prospects to visit you for consultations. Thus, your goal is to get more traffic to your clinic and we create a program to solicit more prospects. We recommend you use traditional channels of communication along with word of mouth to get people to use your services. But in today’s world where Internet is ubiquitous we propose a digital marketing strategy that gives you attention grabbing power.

Often, a website has the potential to convert prospects into paying customers when we make the website as interesting as possible so that all necessary information is available for the prospect to make a decision to use your services.

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