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Mobile Website Design

We provide efficient and smart mobile website design for the companies of diverse kind, with particular specialization for the healthcare websites of the doctors, clinics and hospitals. Our web design experts have developed frontline competencies in the generation of ‘responsive websites’ that suit the smart screens of the modern mobile devices. We operate through a well trained team of web design professionals who are adept in the use of latest tools of responsive website designing.

With the trend of smart phones growing multifold year on year, the need to have a website that fits well on the smart screens assumes potencies. As for mobile web designing, we have developed fine customizations as for the healthcare professionals’ fraternity!

Why the need to get your website responsive?

The term ‘responsive’ refers to the ability of the website to fit well into the screen aesthetics of a smart phone. Most of the websites that run great on the PC fail to obtain full functionalities on the small screens of PDAs and smart phones. According to estimates, more number of (95%) users has searched for local information on their smart phones and the numbers still growing. This is particularly related to searches for local professionals particularly doctors, clinics, lawyers and others.

A medical practitioner’s website which is poorly performing on the smart phone may loose out easily to the competitor and cause a decrease in patients’ registration through net and phone calls!

So, why loose on the tech quotients which others are leveraging. We are competent to design new responsive healthcare websites or can modify your existing site with frontline features like online appointments, click to call interface and other robust features.

Responsive Website Design Doctors

What we offer under our healthcare mobile website design


Images and text modifications

We design the web pages’ aesthetics so as to get the complete web page view together with all the images and text on the small mobile screen. The client need not adjust the zoom in/zoom out to read the text or view the images and icons.


Functionality optimizations

We work towards optimizing the website functionality as per the slower speeds and small screen size of the smart phones. We ensure that your med presence is not felt difficult by the potential patient!


Navigation extrinsics

Customized navigation pathways are in built into your website so that your patients and visitors are able to get complete information about your aptitudes, services and addresses.


Access through buttons

We create touch icons buttons suiting the operational viabilities of smart phones of age! The clicks that are performed by the keypad on the PC are oriented through these smart touch icons for ease of access and navigation for your patient.


Real time interface

Patients can have an online interface with the clinic on the go! Our mobile web design experts provide for the frontline communication links through ‘click to call’ tools. The medical websites are also provided with ‘click for appointment’ and ‘med records tracking’ interfaces to have a real connect with your patients.


Mapping your presence

We generate cost effective accounts with G Maps and other navigation apps to boost your web presence among the prospective med aid seekers of your region!

We have taken sure leads in recognizing the true requirements of med practioner’s websites and deliver the right and customized functionalities which fully resonate with smart mobile devices of age!
Come to us and get optimized!