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PPC marketing

PPC marketing

We are MedKeon – a dedicated web marketing company that specializes in innovative advertising models like PPC, particularly for the hospital and doctors. We manage in a rational and cost effective way, your PPC linkages and continue with our dynamism to enhance your PPC ad’s efficiencies!

We have developed specializations as for medical sector PPC ads thus instilling potencies into your practice. The PPC or ‘Pay Per Click? model of advertisement has emerged successful particularly for the freelance professionals like the doctors and physicians. We thoroughly assist your branding in a cost effective manner which is the hallmark of PPC!

What is PPC Model?

Pay Per Click‘ is an advertisement that is hosted on the site of a different organization or on the SERP, ‘Search Engine Results Page’. The advertisement appears depending upon the dynamics of the typed in searches or keywords by the user. Thus it is an advanced applicative offshoot of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in the web marketing arena! When the user types in certain words at the browser, the latter recognizes them and places appropriate ads that are previously registered to be showcased. Thus the user gets to know about the related services and brands that operate either locally or internationally. In this way, the SEO and keyword’s dynamics is effectively linked to the marketing maneuvers at the web. The contrasting feature of PPC marketing of the web is that the fee is charged only when the displayed ad is clicked by the visitor, thus thereby reducing the cost component significantly! This has made PPC as one of he sought after web marketing options for the doctors.

We, at MedKeon, have developed frontline competencies as for chalking out best PPC arrangements for the med fraternity so that doctors looking for broad basing their practice can gain the requisite momentums. We have developed region specific PPC specialization for the doctors in major cities of India!

How to benefit from PPC?

The novel web marketing phenomenon works along twin yet potent dimensions which are:

PPC at the first instance rationalizes your web presence by linking your visibilities before the correct and identified user group and not before the unrelated user matrix. Your clinic’s ads and name would appear only when the some medical services search is attempted by the surfer, especially in the region/city where you practice!

Secondly, it rationalizes your cost component; since your site need not pay every time when it appears but only when the ad is clicked and site visited. This brings in ‘performance based advertising’ that has emerged as a sought after model for the doctors and med professionals.

We deliver fine web marketing escorts to practicing doctors in most of the cities through effective and economical PPC management services.

PPC Management Company In Delhi

Our PPC management services are spread along the following performance indices:

Quality landing pages

Our PPC management services ensure that your PPC ads are landed at quality and relevant pages of the host sites. SERP (Search Engine Results Page) PPC ads are ensured to produce maximum viabilities for the ads!

Generating vital leads

Our medical PPC management services include collection of leads for the PPC ads so served at host’s pages and the ROI being produced. We also work out dynamic arrangements for PPC links to enhance efficiencies. Tracing the leads, we scout for new PPC opportunities for the practicing physicians and their clinics in their region.

PPC Web Marketing

Well trained team

MedKeon engages a professional Med PPC/SEO team well trained by Google and other institutions of repute and polished by dedicated experience in the med sector.

Our Company has emerged as a frontrunner in optimizing web presence of the doctors and physicians through its fine PPC and SEO linkages for the websites.

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