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Social Media

The use of social media for connecting doctors with patients has revolutionized the way the doctors interact with their patients. The conversations and observations between a doctor and a patient are no longer restricted to the examination rooms. They can converse and discuss the problems even when not in the same city or for that matter in the same country as well. Social media is an electronic way of extending the conversation between a doctor and his patient.

Social media is being used in the following manners in order to extend the connection between the doctor and his patient.

Gathering Information

In case you are not satisfied with the services of your current doctor or physician and are looking to get a second opinion about your treatment, but are not sure which doctor would be the best choice in this regard, then you can always resort to the various social media sites and view the profile and past experiences, achievements, qualifications and all the other professional information about various doctors available. Based on this information, you can make a choice about the doctor with whom you would like to consult your problem with.

Fixing An Appointment

Gone are the days when patients were required to waste hours of their precious time waiting outside the doctor’s clinic just to get an appointment with him. Today, it has become possible to fix an appointment with the doctors online. This helps in saving a lot of time and trouble for the patients who are in many cases already in a lot of pain and waiting outside the clinics simply add to their woes.

Uploading Your Medical Details

In many cases, it is now possible that the first and the very basic consultation with the doctor can be done online itself. During this consultation, the patient is required to upload all his past reports and prescriptions which were given to him by his previous doctors. Based on these reports, the doctor suggests if any further an latest test reports are required or not. If yes, then the same are suggested to the patients online itself and thus, when the patients finally goes to meet the doctors, he is equipped with all the required latest reports and the doctor in turn is already aware of the case history of the patient. This helps in saving a lot of time of the patient as well as the doctor.

Keeping The Families Updated

The families of the patients would like to stay updated about the treatment that is being given to their loved one and this is very important for their mental peace as well. The doctors do not have the time to coach each and every family member about the course of action that they are undertaking for treating the patient. However, all the information about the same is uploaded on the website of the hospital and the patient and his family can access the same through a password provided to them at all times.

By following the Facebook page or any other social networking site page of the doctors, patients can stay connected with their doctors at all times.