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We cannot help but overemphasize the importance of healthcare in today’s stress filled world. Your clinic is the first point of contact situated in close proximity to patients’ homes. You take a first look at your patients and give them treatment and guide them to specialists if necessary. Your patients develop an affinity towards your clinic and they share their experience with their friends and family. Thus, word of mouth is an important medium through which other patients get to know about your clinic. While this is automatic your clinic needs other forms of communication to ensure it gets noticed by other patients in the locality. Websites play an important role in attracting patients to the clinic. They also help in retaining existing patients.

If your website is well designed and marketed it drives prospects to view the site. The website is a very versatile medium where your clinic can undertake a host of activities to use the medium to your advantage.

The AIDA Process

We follow the famous classical AIDA model, a process from awareness to interest to desire and to action, to ensure visitors get converted to paying customers for services you render in your clinic.

Through your well designed and marketed website prospects become aware of your services. Your website provides information relevant to the prospects.


At the awareness stage you get an idea of the interests of the prospects. You guide them through the website by drawing their attention to the topics they like. You provide opportunities through blogs, videos and data for them to get interested in their health condition and look for solutions. You use demographics to profile your prospects and create personalized content for them.


Since the interested prospects are looking for solutions to their health condition your website offers these solutions. You highlight the services you render and how your services can alleviate their suffering. Here, you herald your professional and competent staff, your services as compared to similar services provided by others, your closeness to their homes and testimonials from your patients.


Your website now needs to convert the desire into action. You achieve this by creating action points for prospects to follow. You provide the list of services and their prices. You provide information on the credentials of your healthcare professionals. You set up appointments. You give directions to your clinic. You tell them how to prepare before visiting the clinic.


Your website should also tap existing clients to use more of your services. Often, several health conditions appear at different times. Thus, it is useful to retain your existing patients. Further, these patients serve as brand ambassadors to your clinic through whom you can gain new prospects. You use a variety of digital marketing tactics such as SMS, email, mobile phones and app to keep the patients constantly in touch with your clinic. You also create a loyalty program and a referral program.


Your website needs to be compatible with all the different devices your patients use. You also need to include performance tracking features to help you analyze your performance on a variety of relevant parameters. You could use this feature to make improvements in your service offerings besides keeping a close watch on profitability.

We have the wherewithal to give you an excellent website to improve your clinic’s business. We incorporate features that are necessary such as e-commerce compatibility, on-line chat feature, drop down menus and footers with Google Maps and social icons. We create a website that ensures visitors to your website engage with you in an interactive manner and convert to paying customers.