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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing for hospital, doctors and clinic

We carry out smart social media marketing for the medical fraternity comprising practicing doctors, hospitals and nursing homes. We have developed our expertise in generating effective web marketing strategies for the medical professionals and institutions through the adoption of robust and resonant social media channels that are serving as the bridges of meaningful communication and feedback. We identify the need of the med professionals to remain connected with their existing and prospective clients so that real time insights and clues are obtained as for their practice.

Social media and allied networking that was a nascent phenomenon some years ago and was never visualized as a platform of resurgence has emerged as really potent. The sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Google+ are some of the front runners that have showcased their mighty dominations not only over the society but also over the economic prosperities of the companies. These sensations have been built upon the intrinsic human desire to talk and communicate with others. Lately, this desire has been identified as significant enough to guide prospective visions of the commercial ventures and service institutions including doctors and hospitals.

We have developed fine specializations as for leveraging the social networking phenomenon for the beneficial marketing of your clinic and hospital or doctors.

Why to opt social media as a marketing platform?

The reasons are manifold and every one of it significant!

Objectively, social media has the following advantages:

It is robust and powerful

It has emerged as the most potent innovation on the web in the recent years. Rather it is determining social dynamics and trends. Large scale firms and freelance professionals have turned to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin among others to maintain real time interface. This has emerged as highly successful for the med practitioners.

We know that remaining connected helps doctor and their clinics to gain better presence in their region of practice. We therefore perform positive substitution of your brand and name into the social networks so that your presence is optimized.


Advertising and publicity campaigns are never inexpensive but these platforms are! It is just a case of leveraging a parallel phenomenon for your sake and we have developed marked expertise in achieving that for you and your clinic/medical brand.

Also, social networking brings in earned media which is seen as more authentic rather than paid media through traditional channels.

Tracking progress quotients

Social networks are a great way to track one’s progress on the basis of what others are saying for your medical practice and how you are being perceived! We generate vital social media linkages to keep you informed in real time through the feedbacks for your med brand/hospital/clinic.

Communicate directly

Healthcare professionals are getting into the habit of directly communicating with their patients and followers at the social media platforms.

Social Media Marketing For Medical

We offer our social media marketing services with following specializations



We work out customized presence of your medical brand/ clinic as according to your professional requirements. Identifying the communication channel that suits you the most, we design accurate social profiles for you. We aim at social community building for your healthcare brand so that your practice expands multifold.


Monitoring & Tracking

We continuously track and manage your fan pages, status updates and feedbacks at the networking sites like the Facebook, Twitter and others so as to generate vital inputs and calls to boost your med brand.



We analyze the hits/likes at your social networking pages and correlate it with your practice trends.


Finer involvements

We manage your presence in the inner circles through contests and campaigns of popular resonance!

We also arrange dedicated networking maneuvers for your brand with the target visitors. Your central presence thus initiates comments and feedbacks that are vital for your social branding and marketing.

We have been escorting medical fraternity to the social media in a meaningful manner so that they earn reputation and branding from trusted sources thus ultimately boosting their presence.

Let us bring you closer to the society and earn brands for you!