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Digital Marketing

The digital boom is expanding fast and covering more of the social base year on year. The broadcast and print mediums are now being complemented robustly through the digital passages that are brilliantly conditioned in a targeted manner by the web. The great advantage with the web interfaces is that the audiences are targeted and this task is accomplished through the giant and intelligent search engines. Therefore the commercial firms are making out expanded outlays for dedicated digital branding strategies in their favor.

The digital strategy is, however, a complex task and given the orientations and platforms that have increased recently, the right and a rational mix of approaches is required. The strategy, if attempted in a correct manner can generate impactful branding that can deliver broader ROI over the time in the long run. So what could be essential ingredients of such a digital branding maneuver? Let us find out–

The web should be the basis of any current age digital branding exercise as it serves as leading the digital boom; and its spread is thorough from the desktops and mobiles to tablets!


This is the first step to digital branding/marketing as without visibilities none of the web entity can think to get canvassed even the least. Ensure the resonant of the SEO techniques assimilated to propel your web identities. If you are a baker of the downtown, then local listing is a must. If your’s is a leading national level FMCG brand, the leverage the web, social to fuel the generic SEO for your site.


This is the specialized marketing offshoot SEO and involves the paid aspects and mediums like the PPC, bannering, referral marketing and others. The effectiveness and intelligence of the search engine is leveraged to canvass the self identities before the targeted consumers who are the potential buyers too!


SMM or social media marketing is the generation of well carved social engagement strategies on the web. The aim is to attract the best of the chatters and talkers to serve their word as the eWoM (electronic word of mouth). This generates direct branding for the product or service being discussed through a blog, forum or the comments space integrated through the resonant social apps. SMO serves to optimize this social buzz while it also fuels the generic SEO!

Content marketing

Host your content as an expert, especially if you are a service provider. The educated reader would reward your identity as a consumer.

The digital strategy is a dynamic one & therefore this list can never be exhaustive. Choose out the best mix to maximize your ROI and revenues.