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Search Engine Optimization

Attract More Patients To Your Website From Organic SEO Result

What is SEO?

“Google it” is a simple two word phrase that may be the most used phrase in the world. When someone follows this command a chain of events is set in motion in the virtual space.

The chain of events that is set in motion to throw up search results is at the heart of search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is a technique search engines use to sift through the myriad of information available on the web to present the most relevant topics related to the search query. It recognizes the words present in the query and seeks out pieces of information that hold these words. The search engine is optimizing results that match the query.

Businesses use SEO as a powerful tool to drive traffic to their websites to increase their opportunities to covert traffic into sales.

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Our SEO Approach

Our approach to SEO is guided by our immense experience in providing SEO driven content to our long list of clients. Fundamental to SEO is the keyword research. We interact with you to understand your business and identify key words that are relevant to your business. Then we scour the World Wide Web to look for what words throw up often on search engines. We then create a shortlist of these words and use them in content so that when a search query is made the chances of your website appearing at the top of the result page are high. We follow a structured approach as follows

  • We start with the most fundamental task in SEO which is the keyword research. Remember we have to wade through the billions of pieces of information stored on the World Wide Web. We have perfected the art and science of searching for information in the virtual world through our keyword research techniques
  • The next step we take is to do a technical analysis of your website. We need to know how technically sound your website is. How fast does it load? How is your internal linking done? Is your URL search engine optimized? Is your website designed for SEO? Are all your unwanted web pages removed? Are there any duplicate pages on your website? Have you indexed your website adequately? Are your keywords not performing efficiently? We go into details in a technical audit to understand various parameters for us to take corrective action wherever necessary
  • Relevancy is a key element of SEO where we check on the search term and its relevance to the content of your website. Your website loses its importance if your content does not match the key words inputted in the search
  • Reputation of your company is directly related to your customer interaction and service. These could include all kinds of information posted on your website and elsewhere that is directly related to your brand. We do a thorough review of such issues and recommend suitable strategies to overcome issues, if any
  • What do search engines do to websites that post worthwhile content, feature unique content, are optimized and have well indexed pages? They increase visibility. This helps websites in a competitive scenario where each search engine has its own exclusive algorithms. A good well organized website gets captured by search engines naturally

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Benefits of SEO

SEO is an excellent way of attracting new prospects to your business in an unpaid and natural way. Good SEO content attracts visitors through search engines when they input their search terms. SEO is perhaps the most cost efficient form of acquiring customers. SEO analytics help you fine tune your website to become more efficient. With SEO visitors trust your website more when they see your name upfront on search results. SEO is a sure way of thwarting competition. SEO helps you to acquire a large customer base quickly whom you can convert to paying customers. SEO gives you opportunity to collect data on customers. You can then formulate strategies to tap them.

SEO Services

We are equipped to provide you a host of SEO services. We focus on each element of the SEO paradigm. We have gained tremendous experience in the promotion of clinics through digital media where SEO is a specialty for us. We have been rendering SEO consultancy services to a variety of healthcare services. We do a thorough analysis of your position in the industry in relation to your competitors especially in the digital arena. We then develop a SEO strategy most suited to your requirements. We undertake research and analysis on keywords that matter to your clinic. We look at the technical issues such as loading of pages and the basic design of the website. We then evaluate relevancy and reputation elements of SEO in relation to your website. We look at on page optimization and how it fares on the search engine results. We specifically check for keyword density, keyword placement, Meta tags and HTML code. Hierarchy and web structure are key to successful SEO strategy. We ensure the information on your website is organized in a hierarchical manner for easy navigation. With good hierarchy we will create a URL structure that mirrors the navigation hierarchy. In short, beneath the glamour of the colors and images, fonts and graphics we give you a website structure that enhances user experience. We believe that an excellent structure is paramount to rich user experience.

What We Can Do With SEO for Your Clinic

Websites offer opinions, analysis, focused content, general content, information on products and services, images and videos and audios. When billions of pieces of information are found in the virtual space manual searching is out of the question. Thus, we use machines to search electronically although the input for search is controlled by humans. SEO is the art and science of putting your website in the forefront of any search result.

Our SEO strategy takes into account the design of the website which would help place your website higher on the search engine ranking list. Your website gets more hits when placed in a higher rank than other websites and consequently you get more prospects to convert to your clinic.

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