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Social Media Management

Attract More Patients via Social Media Management to reach more people from Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.

Social Media Management

In the two and half decades of its existence, the Internet has evolved into a ubiquitous medium that has impacted the world in no uncertain measure. It has spawned a variety of businesses all based on Internet technologies. Social media is one among the greatest gifts of the Internet boom. Social media has become the defining moment of the early part of the twenty first century.

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Social Media Management

What is Social Media

Social media refers to the creation, exchange and sharing of all kinds of information using Internet technologies including inter alia technologies in other fields such as computers, mobile phones, satellites, fiber optics and telecommunications.

Social media today is represented by brands such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Google, Wechat and Pinterest. All these brands offer platforms using web-based technologies through which users can communicate in real time instantly. They can share any kind of information in the form of text messages, data, audio messages, videos and comments.

The evolution of social media with its immense benefits drew the attention of marketers. They began to explore the medium and soon created marketing programs to exploit the power of the medium. The potential of the medium for marketers is mind boggling as evidenced by the staggering penetration achieved by social media companies. The number of users registered with various social media companies is as follows

  • 1.9 billion Facebook users
  • 1.2 billion WhatsApp users
  • 1.2 billion Messenger users
  • 1.0 billion YouTube users

These are the four companies that have over 1 billion users. There are other companies which have between 300 million and 900 million users.

With this kind of penetration it is natural that marketers have entered social media in a big way and companies such as ours are there to help you achieve your social media goals.

How is Social Media Used

Each social media company has developed its own footprint to serve the requirements of users. Some examples are

  • Facebook – it permits users to create profiles and share it with others. Besides their profiles users can share videos, images and information and interact by communicating with likeminded users
  • Twitter – it enables users to tweet what is on their minds in real time but puts a cap of 140 characters on the message
  • LinkedIn – it caters to the business community by allowing exchange of professional profiles between job seekers and employers
  • Pinterest – it is a image specific social media site that allows exchange of photos

One of the main planks of social media is its focus on user-generated information.

What is Social Media Marketing

When more than 3 billion users use social media extensively it is but natural that they would be tapped by marketers to promote products and services to them. Social media marketing is the process by which marketers use social media to market products and services to users of various social media platforms. The process of conventional marketing undergo change because of the peculiar nature of the web-based technologies used by social media platforms.

The unique feature of social media marketing is the involvement of the customers or users of social media in an interactive process often on a real time basis. This is vastly different from mass media where the communication is one-sided. Another feature of social media marketing is the predominance of user-generated content. This is akin to a description of democracy as “by the people, of the people, for the people.” The body of users of social media create and share content amongst themselves with stimuli coming from marketers of products and services.

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Why should you Use Social Media

It is a matter of record that millions of users take to using social media not on a daily basis but on a minute to minute basis. The sophistication of the technologies in making the platforms easy, simple and inexpensive to use ensures high usage of social media platforms. Marketers can ignore the power of social media at their own peril.

We recommend the use of social media as

  • Powerful stand-alone medium to market your clinic and its services
  • Supporting medium to your non-digital marketing efforts
  • Co-marketing medium to your non-digital marketing efforts

Since social media platforms provide an opportunity for users to connect with others through a variety of communication channels often in real time users tend to exchange all kinds of information. These exchanges could also involve the users’ experience of your clinic’s services or your competitors’ services. Thus, it makes sense to promote your clinic to these users and gain new customers for your clinic. Further, if you don’t engage in social media marketing you may lose out on perception of your clinic amongst users. If the experience is good then you are missing out on leveraging the goodwill. If the experience is bad then you are missing an opportunity to isolate these and take corrective action.

Social Media

What we can do for you in Social Media

Our social media resources encompass a wide range of social media evaluation tools that we use to create a social media strategy for your clinic. The strategy is then used to mount a social media program that gets implemented on various social media platforms. We use a coordinated approach that not only is uniform through various platforms but also complements your non-digital marketing efforts.

We provide you with optimized social media profiles to enable your clinic to feature at the top in search engine results. Our profiling service is top class comprising keywords, up to date company information, and information on key personnel, contact information and social profile. We give your clinic a unique social profile which the users can empathize with readily. We also in consultation with you devise strategies for implementation on specific social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Social Media Marketing and Management

Our social media marketing tools help us to promote your clinic in select websites and social media platforms. We use the analytics tools available on social media platforms to fine tune your message. We use a judicious mix of user-generated content and content developed for your clinic to promote your services.

We are privy to a host of social media monitoring tools that we use to manage your social media activity. We measure your reputation and believe reputation is as important as your service. By using the social media monitoring tools at our disposal we create public relation exercises to enhance your reputation. We can create specific programs to suit specific goals set by you.

We have committed time and effort to build resources in the area of social media marketing. We have understood the nuances of using web-based technologies and use this understanding to help you mount a social media program to bring customers to pay for your products and services.

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