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If you want to grow your business world-wide there are different methods to be visible online. Most popular of them are SEO and PPC, using these techniques you can promote your company’s ad on internet. All the information is available on internet and audience search for their requirement on internet; it may be the search of specific products, drug or doctor etc. There are many companies which are providing this service in various cities like- Lucknow, Delhi, Ahmedabad etc but you should be careful while availing this, as there are many illegal companies claiming to provide web marketing services.

PPC or Pay per click

PPC marketing or pay per click marketing and is one of the most popular way to give advertisement on Internet. It may be referred to as pay for position, pay for performance or coat per click. In simple words PPC is a new way to promote services or products to online customers. PPC is not only helpful to the advertiser but also to the consumers. It needs to pay for the click on the links of advertisers’ site from search engine. It helps consumers by giving relief of annoying mails and pop-up sites.

SEO or search engine optimization

SEO “Search Engine Optimization” is often considered as natural, organic, editorial or free search results. Search engine optimization process is to increase the visibility of web page or site in search engine‘s results. Basically the higher ranked and more frequently used sites to come on top of search results. This technique modifies the original search results and publishes your site on the top of many popular search engines.

SEO covers academic search, image search and video search to modify their visibility etc. SEO considers the mode of action of search engine, what people search for. SEO of a website involves content editing, promotes a site to backlinks etc.

Email marketing: By sending the e-mails promoting your ad is one of the methods to grow the business.

Social media marketing: Social media like Facebook and Yahoo are very popular among people of every age the ads on these sites attracts any customers as well.

Advantages of Internet marketing

It helps your business to get a face globally; there are many social sites which promote these kinds of ads so you can publish your ad there. SEO and PPC help you to be visible on the front page of popular search engines like Yahoo, Facebook, and Google etc.


They may be expensive sometime and if you did not select the proper service providing companies you can harm your business. PPC always requires continues payment.